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Surely we are meant to experience love, joy, and fulfillment in life. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals with real solutions: in your first life coach session expect to get useful information you can implement right away. After a brief assessment, we help you begin the changes you most want in your life. Do you have relationship or marriage problems? Would you like a personal life coach, marriage counseling, or career advice? Couples counseling, personal life coaching, and career guidance are our passion!

Give us a call; we can help. To schedule a discounted initial session, or if you have questions please call (512) 653-4316. You can also E-Mail Life Coach Austin. For fees go to Life Coaching and Marriage Counseling Fees page.

Clear your mind of cant.” ~Samuel Johnson Believe & hope again. ~David Cantu


Forging a Better Future with Your Trusted Life Coach in Austin

Life isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut. You may feel unfulfilled in life or in relationships. You might find yourself struggling to understand why you’re unhappy. Unfortunately, most of us can’t look at our lives objectively to discover the cause of our problems and make a plan to move forward with greater success. This is where professional life coaches and marriage counseling services can help.

At Life Coach Austin, our highly-trained team of coaches and counselors bring over 20 years of experience to the table, and we use our considerable skill to help you identify your goals and provide you with the tools needed to achieve them. Whether your struggles are personal or you’re having relationship problems, we’ll provide a candid assessment of your situation and offer valuable insights and clear direction to help you move forward.

Our focus is always on the future. Can you rehash old hurts or arguments at nauseam? Sure, but where has that gotten you? We’ll put you on the path to a better future with a solid foundation of self-care and a plan for an effective course of action, based on your personal circumstances and goals. Collaboration is essential for any life or relationship coach service to work, which is why the caring and professional team at Life Coach Austin works closely with every client to ensure the greatest chances for growth, happiness, and success.

Couples Counseling, Communication Coach, Healing Infidelity

Relationships include rewarding and emotionally trying experiences. Do small things become big fights? Is communication a frustration in your marriage? Learn to listen to your partner in a way that makes her “feel” heard and to speak so you’re understood. All couples are different; we address the uniqueness of your relationship. Whether the issue is distance, unresponsiveness, infidelity, control, or commitment, we offer insight and solutions tailored to your specific needs. More: go to the Marriage Counseling Austin page. David Cantu and Skip Swies are not marriage therapists, we are couples and life coaches, Janai Bryan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a certified therapist in Texas, (LCSW) and is also a life coach, Gerry King is a marriage therapist, PhD psychologist, and a marriage coach; see What’s the Difference Between Life Coaching vs. Therapy?

Individual Life Coaching and Relationship Help

Do you feel stuck and down about life? Are you uncertain how to move forward and make your life happy and meaningful? Are you dealing with the end of a relationship, or a potential break-up? Whether your concerns are related to inadequacy, fear, jealousy, anger, or a general lack of motivation – we can help! We can help you understand the true source of these problems, give you tools to overcome them, and encourage you to set and achieve goals that put the past where it belongs – behind you. Get started, call or E-Mail Skip Swies, Georgina Sandoval or David Cantu – Life Coach Austin Texas today.

Life Coaching Austin Services for Change and Possibility

Within you is the engine that drives your life. But have you considered that you might be on the wrong road? Maybe it’s your job, your relationship, or yourself; more importantly, it may be how you see your job, your partner, or yourself. In life coaching sessions we challenge you to look within yourself and to see your life as it really is rather than how it feels. You will be encouraged to assess both your shortcomings and your strengths. As you acknowledge those two aspects, you will find yourself more grounded in reality and better able to cope with difficulties in your career, relationships, or work life. From this new perspective, you are able to effectively set goals, and take action to make them reality.

Men’s and Women’s Life Coach and Relationship Counseling Services

In addition to individual men’s and women’s life coach services, Live Coach Austin is pleased to offer relationship counseling, all with the goal of helping every client lead a healthier, happier life. It’s all too easy to settle into a routine and stagnate, both personally and professionally. You may take your partner for granted, or even engage in self-destructive behaviors to vent your frustrations or seek temporary relief. Or perhaps you simply lack communication skills that would open up new possibilities for success.

The skilled and compassionate professionals at Life Coach Austin are here to help, with targeted life coaching services that help you to better yourself and improve your life through necessary change. Often, a simple shift in your mindset makes a world of difference. With the right emotional support, a focus on positive thinking, and a solution-oriented approach to life, you’ll be amazed at what is possible, and what you can accomplish.

Our women’s and men’s relationship counseling is designed to help you identify and resolve the issues and setbacks causing struggle and strife. Doubts, insecurities, and a lack of motivation can cause unhappiness and dissatisfaction, leading to poor decisions and negative outcomes. With the help of a qualified life or relationship coach, you can change your mindset and habits and lead a more fulfilling life.

What to Expect from a Life Coach or Relationship Counseling

It’s not unusual to confuse life coaching services with therapy, but the two differ in key ways. Therapy is often focused on the past – past trauma, bad decisions, undesirable habits, painful emotions, and so on. The mechanism for healing is to explore the past, often through regularly scheduled talk therapy sessions, with no set end date.

Life coaching, on the other hand, typically involves processes designed to occur in a set time frame, although the duration will vary, depending on your goals. In addition, life coaching looks to the future. By identifying goals, obstacles, and problematic behaviors, your life coach can start with where you are now, rather than endlessly revisiting the past, and help you to create a plan to move forward, with an action-based process designed to help you reach set goals.

In other words, we’ll create a personalized plan so you can take control of your life and your future. A marriage life coach offers the same basic services with a focus on identifying the cause of relationships struggles and making a plan to resolve these issues through new attitudes, behaviors, and necessary changes that lead to happiness and fulfillment.

Do I Need a Life or Marriage Counseling Coach?

Some relationships are easier than others, but none are without occasional problems. If you find yourself frequently struggling in a romantic relationship, or you seem to have issues with many of your personal and/or professional relationships, a men’s and women’s relationship coach can help you to improve how you build and maintain relationships. A life coach can also identify personal problem areas and provide guidance to improve your health, your state of mind, and your overall quality of life.

How do you know if you need a life or relationship coach? Do you frequently find it difficult to remain calm and act in a kind way? Do you struggle with cyclical thinking and self-doubt, and experience difficulty in expressing your thoughts and feelings? Does your once-happy marriage feel like a never-ending struggle? Have you started self-medicating to relieve anxiety or depression?

These are all signs that it’s time to seek help from a life or marriage counseling coach. When you need to let go of the negative thoughts, emotions, and ideas that are holding you back so you can make space for new positivity in your life, the qualified and experienced professionals at Life Coach Austin are ready to help you create a plan that moves you toward a more positive and fulfilling future.

Relationship, Personal Growth, and Life Coach Training Workshops
April 5, 2024 7:00 to 11:00
Understanding Yourself and Others

March 2, 2024 10:00 to 2:30
Communication in Relationships

Class location:
1413 Monica St. Austin 78758

Whether you’re looking for help dealing with personal blocks, lack of motivation, challenges in your marriage, infidelity, or other relationship issues, our Life and Relationship Workshops can help you. Expect positive change as you move to the heart of any issue with insight, a plan of action, and resulting peace. Refer to the Classes page for more information. Our workshops are offered on at $100 for individuals / $200 for couples.

Why Choose Life Coach Austin

With over two decades of experience offering life and relationship counseling services, the compassionate and understanding experts at Life Coach Austin excel at getting to the heart of your personal and relationship struggles. With valuable insights and clear direction, we give you the tools to change your mindset, alter unhealthy behaviors, and improve your life and your relationships. When you need a women’s or men’s life coach to help you identify problems, set goals, and achieve success, we’re on the job.

If you’re feeling rudderless and unfulfilled and you need someone to talk to, the professional life coaches and women’s and men’s relationship coach professionals at Life Coach Austin are ready to help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and change your life.