Austin Marriage & Couples Therapy FAQ

Couples Therapy FAQ: How does Couples Counseling work?

Our sessions for couples counseling in austin, or online, is highly interactive. After getting information from a couple we begin by giving feedback and confirming with each person that we’re going in the right direction. Couples will both get information specific to them. It’s practical, personal, and effective. We strive to make each session informative and helpful, we also give specific homework assignments to help couples implement changes.

Couples Therapy FAQ: What if the other partner doesn’t believe in Marriage Counseling?

This happens very often with couples. The best approach is let your partner know that the intent is not to “fix him,” but to create a better foundation for the relationship. If your partner thinks it’s your problem, then encourage him to come in and tell us what exactly those problems are so you can get to work on them.

Couples Therapy FAQ: Will it help to come in without a partner?

Yes! Even though a partner is hesitant, or unwilling, we can give you specific ideas about things you can do to implement change in a relationship. It’s a myth that we can’t change other people, we can, we just need the right tools for the job! That said, it’s still an inside job, in other words the more you change yourself, the easier it will be to better influence your partner.

Couples Therapy FAQ: What if the problem is outside influences?

Unfortunately this happens all too often. Rest assured there are things you can do to address these challenges, but your primary problem is often not with the outside influences, but your relationship with your partner. Most ot the time the challenge is with how the partner handles those influences, rather than the influences themselves.

Couples Therapy FAQ: Can you help with inter-cultural, inter-racial, gay, or lesbian relationships?

A relationship is a relationship is a relationship. We help people in all walks of life. With a shifting world dynamic people find themselves dating, or marrying people from all parts of the world. We’ve had Russian, Mexican, German, Canadian, English, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian… clients. Well, you get the message. We live in a shrinking world and our Austin marriage counselors have extensive experience coaching couples from many races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.
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