Become a Life Coach Training Classes

Become a Life Coach Training Program

*Our training program focuses first and foremost on your own transformation.
*Participate in a community in which you learn to influence those around you.
*Learn coaching skills, marketing and business tools to become a working life coach.
*We provide a safe environment where you can coach and get valuable feedback about your coaching. Each Class includes an evening participating/practicing coaching in a workshop environment which gives you extensive “on the job” experience.
*David Cantu is the class leader. Each class we also feature other coaches with expertise in a number of areas.
*The training fee is $2,000 for a series of five weekend classes. We ask for payment at the beginning of training. Please email Life Coach Austin or call (512) 653-4316 for more information.
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Life Coaching Classes Overview

Emotional Name Module: Understanding Yourself
Themes covered include: Possibility, Commitment, Empowerment, Responsibility, Who am I?

Empathy Module Understanding Others
Themes covered include: Being present and hearing their true message. What am I hearing and what are they really saying? How do I open their mind so they can take in new information? How do I shift the direction of influence? Oneness, how am I also like this person? The power of Vulnerability.

Emotional Intelligence Module Emotional Awareness
Themes covered include: What’s running you and how does it affect your life; two points on a line and learning to connect the dots; understanding the difference between emotion and intuition.

Relationship Module: Communication
Themes covered include: Speaking, Listening, The Power of Yes, Being True to Oneself, Integrity, The Meanings of Words.

Business Module: Building a Business
Themes covered include: Understanding the difference between coaching and therapy. Marketing. Legalities. Creating a workshop. Website development.

Life Coach Training Testimonial

“I have taken and completed the Life Coach Training Program and have found it to be the greatest tool I’ve ever discovered. Thank you Life Coach Austin!”
Rebecca Hilton, life coach and massage therapist

“Life Coach Training has helped me become a better man, a better husband and an amazing influence in the world. This program is extremely effective!”
Jack Hill, life coach