Skype Marriage Counseling and Skype Couples Counselor

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The majority of people prefer to meet in person for couples counseling or personal coaching rather than online relationship counseling. This is understandable because of the percieved benefits of actually meeting the counselor. This can be helpful for the client in setting his, or her, mind at ease and to help create trust and safety. The reality is that individuals, or couples, can create this same safety online. We often work with people via Skype, FaceTime, and Google’s video platform.

Having both the visual and audial components is very helpful. In addition, you have the great benefits of time saving because there’s no travel, not to mention the cost of gas these days! You will find working with our counselors just as helpful as meeting in person. Though most of our clients are in Texas, we work with many couples throughout the US, and we also have clients around the world. Skype marriage counseling can be very effective!

Give it a try! To set up an initial session call us at 512-653-4316, you can also E-Mail David Cantu. For fees go to Life Coaching and Marriage Counseling Fees page.