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The most importantconsiderations in choosing a personal life coach, therapist, or marriage counselor are training, experience, trust, compassion and client referrals. We have all of these. We’ve worked with individuals and couples since 1995, have thousands of hours of training, and the following testimonials are evidence of our value and helpfulness to people. Please contact us if you would like to speak in person with current or former clients.

We’ve been fortunateto have worked with many wonderful people. It takes courage to bare our souls to others, to be willing to be vulnerable with a stranger. Everyone faced that dilemma when we first met. With few exceptions, the people we coach are honest and straightforward. That is one of the things that makes our work a joy. Each testimonial is to our work and to the willingness of that person to persevere, to change a familiar way of life, and to face the unknown. For this we’re grateful and we thank every one of Our clients.

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Relationship Coach Austin – References and Reviews

David is incredibly adept at pinpointing the root cause of overly complex issues and simplifying them. He taught us to be strong as a single unit in order to be strong as a couple. He challenged us to, as individuals, look within, face our insecurities, confront our shortcomings, and celebrate our strengths. Further, he motivated us to better understand and uncover the needs of one another. As a result, we grew as individuals and as a couple, and are excited to continue this journey based on his insights. All in all, David was incredible. He is amazingly talented, bright, and giving and we often left his office mesmerized by his abilities as a counselor, life coach, and friend.

Nita and Sameer

Atlanta, Georgia – 2010

I came to David two years ago with my life in a shambles. I was physically ill, on the brink of divorce, jobless, terrified that I wouldn’t be able to get or keep a job, and drowning in debt. I had been to many counselors over the years but none spoke to me like David. David’s language is Truth and Love. He helped me face reality; the reality that I am a powerful human being. Today my health is better than it has been in a decade, I am approaching my two year anniversary at a great job, I have paid off all of my credit card debt, and I am much happier in my marriage. David is a wonderful teacher and coach who has helped change my life in beautiful ways.

Kristine Nesbitt

Austin, Texas – 2010

I just want to let you know that David is a fantastic counselor. I have gone to counselors periodically throughout my life whenever I feel I am in a rut and need to make some changes or just to get a fresh perspective. David has been the best counselor I have ever been to. Every session with him proved to be an eye opening and profound experience for us. My relationship with my husband and the way we are able to communicate with each other has greatly improved. I have also gained new insight on myself through David. Those insights have helped me grow as a person and have also brought me more joy in my life.
David is very easy to talk with and he is professional and non judgmental. I highly recommend him.

Lynn Mitchell

Austin, Texas – 2009

David: your coaching has been instrumental in helping me get over my fear of commitment, fear of having children, and my fear of giving up my freedom. Because of your coaching, Alma and I have become closer and are now engaged! We couldn’t have made it through our challenges without you. You are a God send! We will be eternally grateful for your gift to us. May God bless you as much as you have blessed us!

Christopher & Alma

Austin, Texas – 2007

David: I just wanted to thank you for inviting us to Authentic Presence. It was truly a changing moment in my life. Now that I have had a few hours to think about my experience, it has become clear to me that besides the things I learned about myself I learned something this weekend that is truly “Life Changing”: I learned how to listen, truly listen. I never knew before how powerful it is to really listen to others and take in everything they say … not think about my response or try to impose myself into their problem …, but just to sit and listen to them.

I just had
 the opportunity to sit with Jim and let him tell me about his evening, his work event, and I truly listened to everything he told me. It was amazing. I realized that I have been missing out on learning about his true feelings and his true experiences because I haven’t been really listening to him this entire time. I have been hearing what he says and trying to tell him what I think … but I have never just let him talk while I just listen.

I had a fantastic time
, and I learned so much from everyone there. I feel that my relationship with my husband is headed into a whole new direction … a really positive direction.
Thank you:

Loralea Knox

Austin, Texas – 2006

When we first went to see David, I felt that my relationship with my husband was, from 1 to 10 (10 being perfect), a 2. After a few visits with David I can say that my relationship with my husband is more like a 9.

If you want
 your husband to understand you, if you would like to argue less and you want things to be better, you have to talk to David. I think you will learn a lot in just a few visits, and your marriage and life in general will improve tremendously.

Mariza Cremona

Austin, Texas – 2006

You are so gifted. Not that many people can really reach as far down as you can. Many try but fall short of actually connecting. Thank you so much again, and I’ll be seeing you soon.

Since meeting you
 I have become more aware of my thoughts and I truly feel that I can have deeper conversations with other people. I am more focused on what needs to be done now and less overwhelmed with life’s daily issues. I had been stressed for months preparing to go to Iraq and was worried my relationship would fall apart. Working with you helped bring my partner and me much closer; opened communication lines; broke down selfish, prideful barriers, and consequently, enabled us to realize how precious we are to one another.

Sometimes we forget
, but Cantu re-incarnated the love we have for each other through his uncanny ability to see us for who we really are. With his unique approach, he facilitated our own understanding of why we think the way we do and how to change the things about ourselves we really want to change. I wanted change; and now I feel more patient, positive, and interested in others. I definitely will continue on this new path of self-awareness and positive conscious choices.


Killeen, Texas – 2006

With your help, I realized that I felt uprooted and shocked when I moved to Florida as a child. To deal with life, I learned to check out. I focused on things like school, but I zoned out. I dealt with people by giving in to them. When I was young, I had no choice about some things; but as an adult, I had continued to feel as if I didn’t have a choice when in fact I did. Checking out all this time had become a painful addiction for me.

With my partner
 I had the feeling that he had pursued me and that I was just going along. After meeting you, I recently decided to be apart from him to figure out what I really wanted. When I had suggested this before, my partner convinced me otherwise, but really I just let myself be convinced. This time I made my decision, and even though he didn’t agree with it I told him not to convince me, and he listened. After that it was awkward as we talked about the separation. I felt good that I had done what I set out to do, but I felt sad that he was leaving. Soon I had an overwhelming realization. I did want him with me. I do love him. I felt like I was going crazy. How could I change my mind so fast? The truth is that the question wasn’t about me loving him but about realizing that I was in charge of my life. I asked for forgiveness and chose him out loud. In a very short time I had made a decision, carried it out and then recognized my true desire.

When I came
 to see you I was in search of passion. What I learned is that I’ve been living checked out, angry, blaming others for my life and playing victim …. I now know that I want to make choices and own them, to take responsibility for my life. It’s good for me to ask myself what I really want, to go after it and to take risks. I now feel at peace. I’m going in the right direction and have begun to find my passion!
Thank you for everything so far.


Austin, Texas – 2006

Over the past month, I have learned so much. I have learned how to forgive myself for past mistakes. I am concentrating on who I am now, rather than on the person that I was back then. My boyfriend demonstrates how much he loves me and accepts me the way I am. Life coaching has brought us to a higher level of love and understanding. For that, I am so thankful. It has also opened my eyes to the fact that I have been a judgmental person. Now each time I catch myself judging someone else, I stop that thought and pray for the person. I am then filled with love for that person. I have also been able to stop the anxiety before it starts. When it does occur, I meditate.

Amber Hancock

Austin, Texas – 2005

I never thought I had a problem admitting my faults. As a teacher, that has been a real strength of mine. Almost immediately after the first few sessions, I realized that half of the problems I was having in my marriage were mine. My judgments and “way things should be” attitude were clouding my ability to communicate with my husband. Since going to the coaching sessions, it has been easier to examine myself and find the real problems in our relationship.

Through the coaching
 our communication with each other has improved dramatically. We didn’t have a relationship where we fought or argued, but we were getting to the point where we just didn’t talk. Our sessions have helped me to listen on a different level. We have learned to say what we really mean and to understand where the other person is coming from. This has virtually solved our problems. With this work we’ve learned how to make our marriage last!

Kim Foy

Austin, Texas – 2004

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Life Coach Austin References

David, I benefit greatly from the overview you provide. Thanks for your experienced view of my situation; it is not lost on me. I have decided to allow you to influence me in this matter because I can readily process the common sense you convey as well as the experience it embodies. Bravo for your skill and perception. I thank you also for the time and interest you have afforded me.

Greg K.

Austin, Texas – 2010

David was able to teach me how to recognize, observe, and avoid unconscious patterns and guide me to live a happier, conscious life. Even after reading many books, I had trouble putting the concepts into practice; however, David was able to show me how to really live consciously.

Keith E.

Austin, Texas – 2010

David Cantu is a great life coach. Working with him is helping me to become the person I want to be, leading the life I want to live. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to live a more effective, joyful life.
Thank You David!

Kristi Lippincott

Austin, TX. – 2009

One word comes to mind when I think about the work I have done with David over the last year: Truth. David has helped me discover the truth about all the many facets of my life. In this process I have learned what works for me and what doesn’t. In addition, I have learned to live the way God intended me to and to ultimately be at peace with my decisions.
Many thanks to you, David. You truly have a gift in helping others.
With best personal regards,


Austin, Texas – 2008

Hi David: I just wanted to say thank you for the session yesterday. My depression is pretty much gone and I hope to keep it that way. I am no longer afraid of getting divorced, no longer afraid of being lonely, no longer hanging on to futile hopes.
It will take some time to figure out exactly how I define and find peace but I can say that I am not feeding my despair. As you put it I am creating a new life based upon what I do from this day forward. And your analogy of the train wreck was right on the money. The train wreck already happened… I was responsible for that wreck but now the train is back on the tracks and I am steering it towards a more peaceful life. As you said… “Gregg you made a lot of mistakes…but you didn’t know any better, forgive yourself and move toward a joyful future”.
David….I was listening yesterday. Thanks Again:

Gregg McGough

Denver, Colorado – 2008

A year ago, I desperately needed a lifeboat. All aspects of my life were in a river of turmoil. My marriage was stormy and on the rocks; my employees were out of control and my kids were functional alcoholics.

David Cantu
 at Life Coach Austin became my lifeboat. With David’s help I realized that I am the common denominator in all these problems, and he taught me a new way of living — with tools I already possessed. I also learned how to be an influence to the people around me. Gradually everything started improving.

My marriage
 is better than ever; my employees are content, motivated and respectful; and my kids have stopped drinking. I feel peace and harmony in my life.

The good news
 is now that I have learned this new way of living, I am ready to get off the lifeboat on the other side of the river. David helps you, then lets you go with the tools to stay afloat in the ever-changing sea of life.
Thank you, David and Life Coach Austin:


Lockhart, Texas – 2004

Life coaching is the most powerful internal work that I have ever done. It has been the most effective tool that I have used to look at my life and change how I experience it. It has allowed me to build more rich, intimate and honest relationships and find purpose in my life.

David and Laura Lee
 Cantu are extremely gifted and loving people. They create a safe and nurturing environment that allows me to unveil myself and take that person out into the world. One of the most important aspects of life coaching for me was learning that I have total responsibility in all areas of my life, hence, a great power to change it. I am grateful for the freedom, peace, and growth that life coaching with the Cantus has given me.

Rebecca Hilton

Austin, Texas -2003

When I met David Cantu I was very depressed and had long battled thoughts of suicide. I had seen several counselors and had even earned a degree in counseling and psychology in search of answers, but nothing seemed to work – until I was introduced to David.

After working
 with David I feel like I have finally seen myself, and my life is clear. I have a sense of strength, joy, peace and love in my life that I have always longed for and now have and know how to create. His dedication and love have changed me forever, and I will never be the same. I am eternally thankful.

Two years
 after working with David I am much more laid back, decisive, confident and happy than I used to be! It’s amazing how far I’ve come.
Thanks & LOVE


Austin, Texas – 2003

I am a 43-year-old certified public accountant, and I have two other accountants working for me. I have been in business for myself now for 14 years. When I started seeing David for life coaching in August of 2001, I was in individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy for bipolar and borderline personality disorder. After several months of coaching I was getting more help from the coaching than from therapy.

 has helped me in the following areas:

Relationships – I changed my attitude
 in relationships from seeing why they could not work to looking for what is positive and how they could work. After three months I was dating, and after five months I was engaged to be married. I now have been married three years, and my wife and I have a wonderfully close relationship.

In therapy
 I was told that my parents were the cause of my problems. With the coaching I came to realize that it was my perceptions from my childhood that were the cause of my problems. I changed my perceptions and was able to quit blaming my parents for my difficulties and reestablish a loving relationship with my dad.

 – I was able to resolve a problem where an employee was taking advantage of me without having to fire the employee. This saved lots of time and money in terms of rehiring and training a new person.

I can listen
 to criticism from clients without taking it personally; I no longer view their criticism as an attack. I am able to step into their shoes and see their points of view and respond in a helpful manner.

 – I was very critical and judgmental of people whose ideas and belief systems were different from my own. I am now tolerant of others‘ points of view and have opened myself to studying other points of view. I now look for what we all have in common as human beings rather than look for ways to divide us.

Emotional management
 – I go through mood swings several times throughout the day. Because of the coaching I am able to manage my emotions more effectively. My anger lasts a few minutes rather than going into a rage that may last an hour or more. I am able to recognize my feelings of sadness or fear and deal with them directly.

Fritz Vogt

Austin, Texas – 2002

To some extent, we all hide behind a façade or an image that we want the world to see. We do this only because we are desperate to connect with others and to feel worthy. We all yearn for love and connection but it seems to be just beyond our reach. And we wonder why it appears that everyone else can do life so well. Where is the truth?

David Cantu
 is dedicated to helping people learn to love, see the truth and connect with others. He has gained these skills by walking the walk of life and by helping others walk the walk.

During many times
 of depression in my life I have asked myself, “how much would I be willing to pay for peace — for mental health?” I imagined my life without depression and realized it would be priceless. But, who could help me? I paid for help then, but it proved to be temporary, and at times I felt hopeless. David has taught me how to change that.

David’s method
 of helping people is to teach them valuable, practical tools for living. David is a teacher of life. He helps people to see how their automatic reactions to life circumstances create patterns that are harmful and cause great pain. And he teaches how to do life differently. Now, I can see how these patterns and reactions have limited me, and by seeing this truth I have learned to change. And David’s Life Coaching process provided me with the support I needed during the periods of transition. These life tools are invaluable to me. David has helped me create a new found-strength and a love for life.

If you have any questions
, about this work, I would be happy to talk with you.

Claudette Smith

Austin, Texas
(512) 238-6238 – 2002

What life coaching has meant to me… RESULTS!

David and Laura Lee’s
 life coaching has helped me and guided me to take charge of my life, to put me in the driver’s seat. I was in a place of total hopelessness, blaming, being the victim and not even able to describe and put into words what was going on with me. Both of them gave me examples of what it meant, not withholding love. They were able to point out to me that MY behavior or MY actions or inaction was the only thing holding me back.

I was afraid
 to ask for anything, but first of all I needed to identify what I wanted, then I had to get out of my box, and ask. It was quite an accomplishment to finally learn that I could ask and take action.

And today
 I have taken charge of my life, I can identify feelings and go into each day knowing that as long as I keep the intention of love in my heart and choose not to be fearful, I can accomplish anything.

I will never forget
 a small life example: “If I don’t want the honeymoon to end, I am the one who needs to keep it alive. If I want romance in my life, I am the one who is responsible for creating it.”
Thank you, David and Laura Lee:

Nancy Brand

Houston, Texas – 2001

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Career Counseling References

Thank you for your help over these past weeks. After our last conversation I tried to write this note but I couldn’t; I needed a little time to go by to really see how much I benefited from our work together.

I felt so unhappy
 and lost when I first e-mailed you. I was miserable at work and didn’t know what to do. In our discussions I learned that my job wasn’t the issue. I learned that I could change jobs over and over but I’d never be happy unless I faced my own weaknesses and made positive changes.

There were times
 after our sessions I felt like I just wasn’t ready to make those changes. Fortunately, I decided I didn’t want to stay in a familiar but miserable state. I focused on asserting myself; and I quickly found that instead of people not liking me, they actually respected me more and listened to what I had to say. I also stopped worrying about my sales. I focused on doing the best job that I could and thinking about my client’s needs instead of my own inabilities and insecurities.

Last week
, I decided that I wanted a new job. In the past, I starting looking for a new job because something “bad” happened at work and I needed to run away. This time it was different; I wasn’t afraid or upset. I simply decided that I wanted and deserved something better. I did a quick search on the internet and submitted an application to a teaching job that sounded good. I figured it was for part-time work but decided to pursue it anyway. They called me right away and said they wanted to meet me the next day. The interview went great and I was asked to do a presentation yesterday. It turned out to be a full-time teaching position, and today they called and offered me the job at more than double the pay of my current job. I start on Monday! I can’t thank you enough for your help.


Sari Bailey
Ann Arbor, Michigan – 2006

Thank you, COACH. You have helped me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m telling you, you really got through to me. Things have shifted in my head, FINALLY, I have purpose in my life, I’m on track in my career … and … I’ve overcome two addictions that have held me back for over fifteen years! Thank you, I just want to give you some more money!

Eric Sabo

Austin, Texas – 2006

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Classes & Workshops References

Hi David,
I thought the workshop was excellent. Focusing on myself while engagingly listening to others was exhausting, but very rewarding. I gained a lot of insight into myself: e.g. continuing to improve my active listening, and to give myself less grief on some of the major trigger points in my life (like moving from place to place). I had no idea it affected me so much until Gabi started telling her story – it was amazing. I think focusing on my feelings and understanding them as they arise will pay great dividends for me.

Also, I think it helped my bride to be, Nita, quite a bit. She was happy she attended and learned much about herself.

Atlanta, Georgia – 2010

I had the best experience attending the Authentic Presence weekend workshop and learned so much from others as I did of myself. David has a very special gift and really listens and guides you through a better path. I now can honestly say I am more confident and open toward others.

David also helped me through some very difficult times after ending a relationship with one on one counseling. Not only was he very patient but changed the way I saw my life and myself. I would recommend anyone to have both the counseling and AP workshops because they truly work and you get to meet a lot of interesting people.
Thank You,

Ruth L. Tullos

Bastrop, Texas – 2006

Authentic Presence is a very aptly named workshop. It is about being present with your feelings in an honest, authentic way without pretense. I could take this workshop over and over and get great benefit from it every time, for each time I would be exploring a deeper part of myself.

 is an excellent facilitator. He is insightful and compassionate. I always felt safe and well respected. I would recommend this workshop to any who are pursuing personal and spiritual growth.

Donna Belk

Austin, Texas – 2003

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Spiritual Counseling References

During my first visit I experienced an epiphany that was sixteen years in the making. It literally felt like the clouds above my head had cleared out. Now I can fully become the man that God means for me to be. Thank you, David.

Robert C. Miller

San Marcos, Texas – 2006

David’s profound love for God and sense of direction is catching. Anyone who comes to work with him with an open heart will be able to break through obstacles and define clearly their unique purpose on the planet. Life Coach Austin creates a safe space to look deeply inward and find the determination and creativity to change the world!

Bethany Faith

Atlanta, Georgia – 2003

I feel compelled to issue a warning to anyone who is considering work with David and Laura Lee: their coaching is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. It’s not for anyone who doesn’t want deeply to evolve. I find that, while sometimes the feedback from David and Laura Lee is tough to take, when I am willing to be honest with myself and look deeper within, the results are invariably positive. In the seven months I’ve been working with them I’ve shed habitual patterns and attitudes that I couldn’t budge with years of therapy or other spiritual work. Their talent is unique and valuable.

Marcella Friel

New York, New York – 2002

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Health Coach References

David Cantu is an extraordinary guide. I have been to many counselors over the years and some have truly helped me, but David took me to a whole new level. He really listens and through his gentle and spirit-filled voice, speaks amazing words of wisdom, clarity, and truth. I came to him ostensibly to lose weight but needed to work through the emotional barriers that kept me stuck and walled in. At the time I felt frustrated that I was not willing to release the excess weight I carried, but now…a few months after David and I completed our work together (or at least stage one)…I am peacefully eating well, increasing my exercising and losing weight.

I feel that
 David helped me really hear the words I spoke and really see the actions I took. He asked me to hold myself accountable for my words and actions. At no time did he make me feel bad if I slid or just didn’t want to do what he suggested. He always told me it was my choice. That helped me to feel more powerful … I got to choose … and I began to make healthier choices.

David contributed
 to me now having a peacefulness, calm, contentment, and joy that I have never before felt on a day-to-day basis. He challenged me to take all the energy and resourcefulness I used to deal with crises and apply that to lifting myself up now when things are calm. He demonstrated acceptance and non-attachment and shared experiences from his own life that helped me to understand and to feel connected with him.

I have told
 many friends and acquaintances about David and his real gift of working with people. Thank you, David, for the difference you have made in my life.

Diane Beeler

Berkeley, California – 2006

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