In Person or Online Life Coaching for Men

The days when only women were open to counseling are long over. Partly because coaching is different than therapy and partly because many men know the value of professional advice, we often get calls from men seeking life coaching services. Though we focus a great deal on relationships, we also offer life coaching for men, both online and in person, to help deal with personal and business challenges.

It may seem that we’re stating the obvious, men and women are different, but the reality is that our society has changed in many ways in the past few decades. Gone are the days men worked and women stayed home. Men today often find themselves making less money than their partners, are far more active as fathers than ever before, and are needing to learn to be more emotionally aware of women in intimate relationships. We say all this to affirm that men face obstacles that are very different from women and personal coaching for men can help.

Life Coaching for Men: Included in the challenges men face is the fact that women often want a greater voice in relationships and it can feel daunting figuring out exactly what a woman’s needs really are. This isn’t to say that it’s the woman’s fault, but that it can be helpful for men to learn to be more empathetic and better communicators whether in intimate, or work relationships. In addition, men tend to define themselves more from their work than women do and sometimes this creates conflict between couples. These are common challenges for men that we can help resolve.

Sometimes it matters to our clients whether we meet in person or online. We do both. If you live in Austin and prefer to meet with us in person, please do so. Personal counseling and coaching can be just as effective by phone and online. The reason for this is that people convey a great deal of information not only with words, but also with tone. As professional life coaches and counselors we know how to listen for that and give our clients feedback. We know how to listen to you in order to better understand you and give you greater insight into your relationships, life in general, and work environment.

Give me a call; I can help. To schedule a discounted initial session, or if you have questions please call (512) 653-4316. You can also E-Mail David Cantu. For fees go to Affordable Life Coaching and Marriage Counseling Fees page.