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Relationship and marriage counseling is my forte and passion.
More than half of the people I work with come to me for help with their relationships. One of the relationship questions I’m most frequently asked is, “How do you work?” The simple answer is that working with a couples counselor, or marriage coach, or anyone, for that matter, is about creating a relationship. My aim in all coaching situations is for people to feel understood, respected, and motivated. 

I encourage you to come in for an initial relationship counseling session, experience how I interact with you and notice how helpful my information is for you. Also, it will give you an opportunity to ask those difficult relationship questions. My intention for you in that first session is that you experience meaningful insight. Expect to leave with an improved understanding of the problems that have held you back and with clear ideas of what it will take for you to create the love you seek. 

After that it’s a matter of continuing to uncover and correct ineffective beliefs about relationships, setting and achieving goals you set, and implementing tools that will work for you and will become permanent in your life. David Cantu offers you an excellent marriage therapy alternative.

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Your first session will have a strong and positive impact on your relationship. The initial session for couples is about 80 minutes and I offer it at a discounted rate. If you need relationship help, but prefer to come on your own, the first session is 50 minutes. For our rates go to: Life Coaching and Marriage Counseling Fees page.

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Following is a sampling of the ideas to which you’ll be introduced.


Marriage Counseling Austin – Quite often the mistake we make in relationships is that we assume the attitude “I’m right and if you will only listen to me and do what I say, then all our problems will go away.” In other words, we tend to blame our difficulties on the other person. The alternative is humility and responsibility. We are far more effective in creating the love we want by first asking ourselves “What am I doing that makes our partnership more difficult?” Another assumption we frequently make that’s not helpful is “I’ve done everything possible and nothing works with my spouse; she just doesn’t get it!” A far better perspective is “I haven’t been effective, how can I be different, and what can I do to create a different result?”

Self Acceptance

A second belief system I frequently encounter is the feeling of worthlessness. Somewhere in childhood people sometimes experience and unconsciously accept the notion that they aren’t valuable or lovable. As a result, they may be particularly sensitive in relationships and have attitudes of victimization. They are likely even to gravitate to the kind of person with whom they feel “less” or “incapable.” Discovering your self worth and believing in your inherent value is crucial to a loving marriage. The alternative to an attitude of worthlessness is confidence and a crucial step to take in this direction is assertiveness. Being direct doesn’t mean being mean, you can be both kind and strong at the same time. I can help you accomplish this important realization in your relationship through coaching.

Marriage Counselor Austin Offers Much More

You will be introduced to many other helpful ideas in a coaching session. with our life counselor in Austin. The video to the right is of a couple I worked with in 2010: Michael and Michelle. In it they share a simple idea that can help a couple create greater connection and appreciation for one another, I hope you enjoy it! Following are several articles that will help you understand what a life counselor and relationship coach does for married couples to strengthen their relationship.
Building Stronger Relationships
Emotion and Emotional Intelligence
Love and Marriage
Personal Growth and Optimum Achievement
Spirituality and Living a Joyful Life
Also see Coaching and Counseling Approach. Expect to feel heard, understood, appreciated and inspired when you choose to improve your relationship with a life counselor and coach in Austin!