What to Expect From Life Coaching Online or in Person

Expectations While Working with a Life Coaching Online or in Austin

We ask that you approach this work with an eye on yourself, especially if you’re in a life coaching session with a partner. Be willing to correct your own behavior first. Concerns about your partner, work or family are very important; and our aim is for you to be effectively influential. Life coaching online, or in our Austin office are an opportunity for you to look inward for the source of your difficulties and your ability to influence others. Be willing to change and expand.


As a life coach my intention is to help you quiet feelings of anger, self-criticism, and frustration and rebuild your vision toward a loving, joyful and peaceful future through your life coaching sessions in our Austin office or online. We ask that you approach this work with the hope of wonderful possibilities. The objective in coaching is to search for solutions, not culprits. Our goal is not to determine who’s at fault or who is more responsible but to help you create attitudes of acceptance, understanding and hope.


Life coaching online and in-person sessions are highly interactive. In every session you will get information and practical tools you can begin to use in your life right away. It is important that you take action outside of your coaching sessions and apply what you have learned. Homework assignments from your life coach in Austin will help you implement and solidify the changes necessary for optimal results and achievement of goals.


As your life coach I want to encourage you to be honest with yourself (and your partner) during each session in our Austin office. In so doing, we ask that you be willing to share your innermost thoughts and fears. It’s critical that you not use what you learn against yourself or others. Whatever you discover about yourself should be seen with acceptance and as an opportunity for greater growth rather than as a tool to create guilt or blame.


We can help you address whatever facets of your life you want to deal with including: family, relationships, career, finances, personal growth, and spirituality. It’s your life; it’s your call.

Gain Respect and Great Possibility with Life Coaching Online & In-Person Sessions

We don’t see anyone as flawed. Yes, we all make mistakes; nevertheless we’re all children of God, infinitely capable and valuable. The aim of life coaching is to help you see yourself and everyone in your life in the same light and with a realistic vision of great possibility. You have all the tools you need, now learn how to use them with proven methods from an experienced life coach in Austin, Texas or online sessions.


Life is often serious and we all need a good laugh now and then. This is a PowerPoint presentation for you, my new, old, and future friends! I promise you, you will love it. Make sure you see the entire presentation, as you may be tempted to say to yourself, “been there, seen that.” You haven’t.