Marriage Therapist Austin, Relationship Life Coach – Skip Swies

Couples Counselor and Life Coach

Skip Swies has been counseling couples, families and individuals for 37 years. During this time, Skip has assisted his clients in identifying and overcoming obstacles on the path toward achieving their goals.

His training began at Otterbein University where he held a double major in psychology and education. In 1983, Skip began to teach personal growth intensives and coaching individuals and couples for Global Relationship Centers, Inc.(GRC) In 1994 his family moved to Austin, Tx where he joined the GRC corporate staff and trained future instructors while continuing to lead seminars across the country. His commitment to helping clients initiate the change they wanted in their lives as well as Skip's comfortable, safe presence makes him a client favorite and an effective trainer.

He also began working with other organizations teaching weekend intensives. During this period, he developed his own seminar entitled "Finding the Father" which he ran nationally for 10 years.

For the past 7 years, Skip has committed his expertise to "Healing Warrior Hearts". Coursework is tailored to assisting service members dealing with the challenges that life after their service can present. Skip seeks to "bring our service members more fully home."

Marj Swies, wife of 46 years and coaching partner has taught with Skip for 37 years and still occasionally coaches clients and couples. Their 3 children and 3 grandchildren all live in Texas.

Skip is committed to assisting his clients in achieving the relationship they imagine for themselves.

"Seeing the other clearly and allowing the other to see you is essential in creating empowering relationships." -Skip