Life Coach and Marriage Counselor Austin TX, Tim Bosland

Marriage Counselor and Relationship Coaching

Tim Bosland was a leader in the corporate world for a number of years and coached people and teams to reach their highest potential by building upon their strengths, staying true to who they are and pursuing mutually celebrated outcomes. He has helped negotiate highly politically charged disagreements between organizations. He brings those same conflict resolution skills to help couples improve their relationship with better communication.

Tim’s drive as a life coach is to enable individuals and couples to build fulfilling and engaging relationships with others and God. There is so much information in popular media on how to find true wealth, when wealth should really be defined as wholeness and alignment to the fabric of who you are made to be and who you are made to be with. Tim finds fulfillment in enabling individuals and couples work together by listening to the conversation behind the conversation, uncovering true needs and wants.

Tim has been married, is a father of three children and brings a balanced masculine element to his counseling. He focuses on the connection we have to our younger selves and the relationship training we had in childhood that has influenced our contemporary view of ourselves. Tim believes by discovering your unconscious decisions and beliefs driving behavior, you are positioned to move into a state of greater freedom and joy.