Life Coaching for Couples, Individuals, and Children – Carrie Manongdo

Marriage Counselor and Life Coaching – Carrie Manongdo

Carrie Manongdo began her work as a Pastoral Counselor and Youth Minister in 2005 at a Christian church in Austin. In 2012, Carrie joined the Life Coach Austin team, where she received her Life Coach Teaching Certificate after having completed a year-long on-the-job training. As of January 2013, she had over 5,000 hours of training and experience in life coaching for couples, individuals and youth, and facilitating workshops.

Carrie’s expertise is diverse, and includes coaching areas such as living a fulfilled relationship, creating a peaceful life, teaching the art of loving influence, assertiveness training, conflict resolution, communication skills, knowing how to forgive, and skills to build self-confidence. She enjoys working with individuals, couples, families, and young people. Most of her clients have come for help with relationships, family, or personal challenges.

Carrie is not a therapist, or psychologist. Her training for personal life coaching for couples, mediator, marriage and family counselor. The difference in her training and approach in comparison with other professionals is that her focus is on the present and future goals, rather that family of origin or childhood. Her intention is to help you build the life you desire by understanding your relationship and life now, as opposed to delving into your past. You will talk about your past to help resolve issues, but it won’t be the primary focus.

Life coaching for couples and individuals

Carrie believes that wholeness is the first step in attaining the life you want to live. In a non-judgmental environment of compassion and honesty, you will look at the filters that you see the world through, and seek to bring your life to a path of integrity and fulfillment. Regardless of what your current relationship condition is, the key to healing and recovery (both individually and as a couple) is to first understand where the true source of your problem lies. We must first look at ourselves if we want to be influential in the relationship. This awareness will open your ability to communicate effectively, inspire acceptance and forgiveness, and ultimately lead to intimacy and partnership.

Family Counseling

In family coaching, Carrie works to create an environment of safety and trust. “Family” should be place where you are not only physically safe, but emotionally safe as well. Together, you will create a core institution of respect, openness, and acceptance. You will learn to speak to each other and actually feel heard, to resolve conflict in a healthy and productive way, and to listen with an open heart and mind. With a passion for young people and a background in youth ministry as well as the family court system, Carrie is uniquely poised to help restore balance in the family unit. In conjunction with her role as a Life Coach, Carrie is a Certified Mediator, Parenting Coordinator (PC), and Parenting Facilitator for post-divorce families.

About Carrie

An entrepreneur and small business owner, Carrie has experience in photography, computer programming, nursing and Validation Therapy with dementia patients, DNA testing in contract with the Attorney General’s Office to establish paternity, the court and prison systems, and mediation. She currently owns and operates a car wash service company that maintains, services, installs, and provides chemicals for car wash owners. She has volunteered with Girl Scouts of Central Texas since 1998. She began as a troop volunteer, then took on the responsibility of Service Unit Director in 2004, where she manages approximately 25 troops in the northeast Austin area, as well as teaching others to lead in her role as a Council Trainer. Her involvement with Girl Scouts has given her a deeper understanding of the importance of teaching, motivating, and parenting young children to become leaders in the community. Her role as a Director helps her encourage and empower adults – much as she does as a coach and counselor. These experiences have helped her greatly in areas of business development, sales, and marketing. All of this has been useful to her in individual, relationship, and family counseling.

As a mother of three children, Carrie brings a feminine perspective to Life Coach Austin. Her strengths as a counselor are helping people better understand themselves and others in the family, marriage, work environment, and in their spiritual life. We all have our own ideas of how we’ve gotten to where we are, and how we’ve created the situations and relationships we find ourselves in. Carrie helps people look deeper within themselves to create greater responsibility, appreciation, and understanding.